Feb 27 2014

New album – Derelict

ASC CD143 ‘Derelict’

Steve Plews electric violin, drums and prepared piano
Ed Jones tenor and soprano saxes, percussion

Long time colleagues and friends Ed Jones and Steve Plews team up here on Derelict, a departure into the world of free improvisation for both musicians yet somehow retaining their musical identity. Always structured, always lyrical, there is nothing random about this collection.

Plews plays electric violin, drums and prepared piano, Ed Jones (tenor and soprano saxes, percussion) scurries and flurries his way round the various soundscapes, the two creating at times an ironic musical conversation. Not for the faint hearted but there is something here for every musical, enquiring mind.

“…explores darkly urban, alienating soundscapes, rebalanced by regular moments of quiet tenderness…a frank, heartfelt offering…conveying between the rugged lines a warm humanity” Lara Bellini review

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